Buffalo Moon iPhone App – How does it measure up against the slot machine?

The Buffalo Moon iPhone app

For those that may not be aware, slot game developer Aristocrat have been producing several new apps based on popular titles from their vast catalogue. One of those that I had particular interest in was Buffalo Moon, which is based on the immensely popular Buffalo slot game. So the question you should be asking right now is – Is this Buffalo Moon app really worth paying $1.99 for?

My answer to this is yes, mainly because anyone that loves the Buffalo slot machine would easily spend this on one spin of the real thing. However, there are quite a few differences between the two games and die-hard Buffalo fans may not be too impressed with this variation for the reasons I will explain below.

Having spent several hours playing Buffalo Moon on the iPad for the past few days I have my own personal opinions, both positive and negative, that I will share with you below. This might help you make your mind up as to whether you bother downloading this app for yourself.


Tournaments – You can take part in tournaments, where your score will count towards a leaderboard if you are registered in the Game Center. This can make the whole experience a lot more exciting and is something I have never seen offered on Buffalo in the casino.

Achievements – Depending on how much you play, you can start building up achievements for hitting targets within the game. By using different bet strategies you can unlock those hard to reach targets, which is great way to get you to try different things.

Improving your game – I know most people will tell you that slots are 100% luck and there is no skill involved, but I believe that having this app has helped me play much wiser and retain my money for longer. This gives me more chances to win as I am making my money last longer and therefore getting more spins for my bankroll.

More spins = Greater chance of winning big.


Mobile slots – I have never been the biggest fan of slots on your mobile and I do find the limited graphics and sounds (even on the iPad) a bit off-putting. It is great to be able to play anywhere at anytime, but anyone that has enjoyed the experience of playing Buffalo atoledo on a slot machine will know what I am talking about here.

Where is Buffalo? – I don”t know what has happened in Buffalo Moon, but I do not seem to see Buffalo that often anymore. The stacked symbols have been taken out and been replaced with more wins left to right as far as I can make out. The sound of the Eagle, so commonly heard in the land based casino slot game, does not seem to be included in Buffalo Moon. It”s so funny what you miss when it is no longer there!

More fun playing for money – I am at risk of sounding like a old skool gambler here, but I just prefer to play Buffalo for real money. My concentration span is hard to keep, so once I have topped the leaderboard I could find myself being distracted by something else very quickly.


If you love the Buffalo slot machine and you don”t get enough opportunities to play it, then you will probably enjoy Buffalo Moon. It will definitely appeal to more competitive people who enjoy battling online via Xbox and PS3. Personally I love playing slots in a casino or online, so I will be waiting for the upcoming release of Buffalo slot online. However, for $1.99, it really isn”t too big an expense to download the Buffalo Moon app and make your own mind up.

As well as Buffalo Moon, Aristocrat have released several other slots in the AppStore, including Miss Kitty, Sun and Moon and 5 Dragons. There are 16 in total to choose from, with many based on popular slot machine titles.

Images of Buffalo Moon

Buffalo Moon screenshot

Buffalo moon reels

Buffalo Moon – winning line

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