Buffalo slot

Aristocrat’s legendary slot machine Buffalo has been turned into an online slot game, so that people all over the world can play it now. The Australian slot manufacturer has done a fantastic job in re-creating the look and feel of this 5 reel, multi-line slot machine for online players. The video below demonstrates what the online version is like to play and how the bonus game is activated.

Video – Buffalo slot (online version), Aristocrat

More about Buffalo slot online
There are a few subtle differences in the online slot, compared to the casino land based slot machine. One in particular was noticed by a poster at a slots forum, who was thrown by the Puma’s appearing instead of Cougars on the reels. I suppose you need to know your big cats to spot changes like that!

An interesting Buffalo review at Gamingslots pointed out that there the ambient casino background noise (added to quite a few online Aristocrat slots) is on Buffalo as a default. So you have to turn it off if you don’t like it. There is a lot of cheering and whooping in this background noise, which sounds more like a bar than a casino – which is why I always turn it off.

Increased RTP
Slots players that know there stuff will have noted that the RTP (return to player) for the online version of Buffalo is set at 94.85%. Despite this not being the best RTP you can get online, it is much better than you would get in any casino. Most slot machine RTP’s in a casino are normally set between 88-92% and you will be very lucky if you get any higher.

With a higher RTP, you will get more chances of winning, its as simple as that. This is a medium volatility slot, so you can expect some pretty decent wins when you do hit those winning combinations.

One thing that has certainly remained in the Buffalo online slot is the bellow of BBUUFFFAALLLLOOO! from your machine when you line up 2 or more lines of the buffalo symbol. These buffalo symbols are generally stacked, so you can hit multiple winning lines normally when you see it on the reels.

5 Good reasons to play Buffalo online

  1. Up to 20 Free Spins in the bonus game + 5 extra free spins everytime you see 2 or more scatter coins
  2. Sunset wilds will boost wins in the bonus round by up to 27x
  3. Xtra reel power means a total of 1024 ways to win
  4. 5 Buffalo’s over 5 reels can win you 243x your bet
  5. 94.85% RTP, better than any land based casino

Now is the time to try Buffalo for yourself. The slot game is available in both free play and play for money at MoneyGaming. You can get a £300 bonus if you have not registered with them before by clicking the red button below. Players from USA, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and France cannot play for real money, due to gaming laws in each of these countries.

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